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Different Kinds of Nameplates

When you need metal nameplates, you essentially have an idea as to what these are to be used for. Sometimes however, while you know where these are to be used, you don’t really know what kind of nameplate to choose for such usage. There are quite a number of plates that do have similar features on them, which is probably what adds to the confusion when it comes to choosing.

To help you find out what kind of metal nameplate you should choose, here are some of the more commonly used ones:

Model and Serial Plates – these are plates that are used to mark products with their model number, serial number, and sometimes, their date of manufacture. These very same plates are also used to carry contact information of the manufacturer to enable easy troubleshooting.

Warning and Instructional Plates – these are plates that are used to mark equipment as well as areas that present a danger to people, or to simply inform them of protocols that need to be followed. You can find these attached to machinery, equipment, areas that are hazardous, and many more.

Scales and Dials – you can actually customize scales and dials on equipment and machinery that your company uses to enable you to effectively run these for your needs. These scales and dials can carry any configuration that you want and can also carry your company name, specific metrics, and the like, on them.

Promotional Plates – these are great for when you need to customize items for giveaway purposes, or if you want to use these plates as giveaways themselves (these can be made into many things like coasters, rulers, keychains, etc.).

Barcode and UID Plates – plates that carry barcodes on them can be used for many different things. For one, these can be used for inventory and tracking purposes. For another, these can be used at the point of sale as data carriers for when these are being sold. These bar codes are used to expedite the process of tracking and for quick database updating.

Inventory and Asset Tags – if you do not want to use barcodes on your company’s assets or items that you hold in stock, inventory and asset tags can be used in this case. These are tags that carry alphanumeric codes on them to enable those who do the inventory and tracking of assets in a company to easily record and keep track of the company’s assets and inventory.